ITI has over 25 years of proven experience as 
the industry leader in full service crane, rigging, lift planning and engineering training. For a full listing of course offerings, open enrollment course dates, course descriptions and more click here to download your own digital copy of the ITI Training Catalog today.

Alaska Rubber Group is a proud member of the Industrial Training International (ITI) Training Network.

This partnership with ITI provides our customers with advanced Crane, Rigging, Lift Planning, and Engineering Training and Certification courses.

Over the past quarter-centuery, ITI has become recognized throughout the industry for its pioneering and innovative approach toward training, and for having raised the current levels of professional instruction for cranes, heavy equipment and rigging.

As a company focused on RELIABILITY, Alaska Rubber Group carefully evaluated the advanced training options available to our customers and selected ITI as the best solution. In fact, Alaska Rubber Group relies on ITI for our own advanced training and certification needs.

ITI offers a range of training and certification courses, including:

Rigging Training
• Basic Rigger & Signalperson Training
• Rigging Gear Inspection Training
• Intermediate Rigging Training
• Advanced Rigging Training
• Critical Lift Planning Training


The mission of NAHAD is to promote a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry by providing a medium for communications, education and training, so that quality is maximized and profitability enhanced.

As a NAHAD member, the Alaska Rubber Group joins the top companies in the industry, worldwide, engaged in the distribution and manufacture of all types of hose, tubing, couplings, fittings, clamps and related accessories serving the industrial marketplace, as well as firms who offer services and products to the industry.

The Alaska Rubber Group agrees to fabricate hose assemblies in compliance with the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines and is committed to maintaining membership, and active participation in NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute, dedicated to hose safety, quality and reliability.

NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute© provides a powerful forum for Distributors, Manufacturers, suppliers, end-users and industry organizations to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.


  • The Alaska Rubber Group’s quality, fabrication, testing and safety goals will be in alignment with the goals of the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute.
  • The Alaska Rubber Group will promote and maintain the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines.
  • The Alaska Rubber Group will work with NAHAD to Identify emerging issues and critical applications related to hose assemblies.
  • The Alaska Rubber Group will participate in the Hose Safety Institute as a forum for addressing industry issues, providing appropriate input to the NAHAD Standards Committee and ensure ongoing industry dialogue and communications.
  • The Alaska Rubber Group makes available all educational resources and tools to its employees and to end-users who support hose assembly quality, safety and reliability.
  • The Alaska Rubber Group will identify and engage industry organizations and related agencies involved in, or impacting, hose safety, quality and reliability.